Lack of air pressure from compressor Lack of air supply to clutch Waterous Repair air leak or re-establish air supply
Is compressor engaging? CAFS Check operation of air solenoid
  No PTO engagement PTO Confirm OK to pump light is on, if not check wiring for damage
      or disconnected wire
Yes Auto Sync not in run position Confirm 40 PSI in unload position and 50+ in run position
      Verify when in fixed/run whether pressure reflects 150 PSI
Compressor working/no air supply to Air discharge solenoid not working   Verify power and operation of solenoid-Repair/replace solenoid
  Air leak between solenoid and discharge   Repair leak
  Air check valve defective or mounted backwards   Replace or correct
  Trim valve out of adjustment   Refer to trim valve instructions
  Restricted minimum pressure valve   Clean rust or debris from valve
  Air plumbed prior to discharge valve seal   Relocate to discharge side of discharge valve
  Incorrect air line size   Size according to discharge and replace line
       Run/Fixed has pressure but Run/Auto Lack of water supply to balance valve Refer to trim valve instructions
       has no pressure      
Air discharge pressure too high Red hose circuit has leak or disconnected   Repair leak or attach
Safety pop off valve opening Trim valve open completely   Refer to trim valve instructions
System overheat Inadequate flow to cooler   Check Y strainer for obstruction, assure adequate
      water flow in pump, check for cooling lines plugged.
System overheat with adequate flow to Low compressor oil level   Check oil level
  Temperature sending unit and or gauge circuit   Check wire connections at sending unit (green to large yellow
  malfunction   to small)
High Oil Consumption Overfull compressor oil   Adjust level to half of the sight glass on level surface
  Excess of 200 CFM air flow   Back down RPM's and flow CAFS and recheck
  Air oil separator torn or damaged (could be caused by Replace Air/Oil separator
  air flow of higher than 200 psi)    
Excessive bleed down time (time may vary) Inlet air trim valve closed too far   Refer to trim valve instructions
  Debris in Inlet air trim valve   clean and refer to trim valve instructions
Engine stalls upon compressor engagement Engaging compressor while under load   Allow compressor to bleed down before re-engagement
  Running system without flowing air causes oil to   Bleed down air restart compressor and move air
  accumulate in compressor acting like hydr. pump    
  Underrated engine horsepower   Raise engine RPM
  Auto Sync in Fixed/Run setting   Engage in Auto/Unload
  Low oil level   Check oil level
  Compressor locked up   Repair compressor
Air flow meter stuck at "0" CFM Magnet uncoupled   Turn air flow on and off to re-couple
Air flow meter stuck at high CFM Magnet uncoupled   Move large amounts of air out discharge and turn air flow on and 
      off to re-couple
Poor foam (wet or dry) Using wetting agent and not foam   Use foam
  Lack of foam   Turn Foam Pro on, Check foam supply valve, check tank level, 
      check Y strainer, or  refer to Foam Pro instructions
Foam in the water system Foam was dumped in water tank   Flush tank and pump
  Foam manifold drain lines not isolated   Isolate to separate drain valve
  Pump cooling line plumbed off of foam manifold   Relocate to discharge side of pump
  Foam manifold check valve defective   Rebuild/replace check valve
Water in compressor oil/air Leaking cooler   Isolate cooler and check for leaks, replace if needed
  Defective air check valves   Replace or check
  Missing air check valves for discharges   Install check valves
Clutch smoking Engaging in run position   Engage in Auto/Unload
  Slight air leak from solenoid to clutch   Repair air leak
  High RPM engagement   Engage in lower RPM
  Not allowing for compressor bleed down before re-engagement   Allow for bleed down
  Contaminated clutch disc   Clean or replace
Safety pop off valve opening at low pressure Sump fire damaged pop off valve   Check system and and replace valve
Compressor locked up Sump fire   Check system and repair
  Low oil level   Check system and repair - a Division of LongBear, LLC ( and inFOAMation associates