or What to ask for from a builder (OEM)


If a department makes the decision to go CAF, the unit may show up in any configuration. Below are a few tips for a department to consider when asking for a unit. A department will have a much happier relationship with their CAF machine if it is designed to meet the firefighters’ needs. Keep in mind; the unit may be built by a non-firefighter. The builder may not understand the firefighters’ needs.



Other Considerations:


How many outlets should have CAF?

It will depend on the number of CAF lines needed at any one time and the size and capability of the system. A small slide-in CAF unit may be capable of supplying one hand line. A 200 cfm unit on a Type 1 (NWCG) structure engine can usually supply 4 outlets plus the auxiliary air outlet and a deck gun.


What System Types are available?

Systems come in all types, including stored energy, pump mounted, PTO, and auxiliary engine driven systems (see links to manufacturers to see who builds what). The system type will be based on the individual department’s needs. Photos coming soon!!!


What System Options are Available? - Information Coming Soon!!!


Quality vs. Economy – Coming Soon!!!


Customer Service – Check with the manufacturer for things like tech support, warranty, finance options, installation (especially for slide in units and retro-fits), and operational instructions – how do we operate this unit (links) - a Division of LongBear, LLC (